Social Media Widget – Easy Way to Add Social Media Icons to Your Sidebar

Last week I was searching for a set of social media icons that included Google+ to add to the sidebar of a blog.  While I have yet to find a set of social media icons with a Google+ icon, I did find Social Media Widget.

Social Media Widget is a wordpress plugin that makes it easy to add icons to your social media accounts to your blog’s sidebar.  Just install the widget, drag it over to your widget area and add links to your social media accounts.  The icons are already included – no images to upload, no links to code.

What about Google+? While social media Widget doesn’t yet include google plus, it does give you the option of adding custom social media icons.  You can add Google+ in one of the custom fields. Continue reading

WordPress Plugins for Creating a FAQ Page

I was just updating the FAQ page for one of my blogs that has been there for years.  I did a quick search of the WordPress Plugin Database and found a few plugins that help you quickly set up a fancy looking FAQ page.  Some even let users ask questions that you can answer and add to your FAQ list.  Here are the plugins that look most promising.
New to FAQ? FAQ is short for Frequently Asked Questions

While the name may be recent, the FAQ format itself is quite old. For instance, Matthew Hopkins wrote The Discovery of Witches in 1647 in FAQ format. He introduces it as “Certaine Queries answered,” … Many old catechisms are in a question-and-answer (Q&A) format. Summa Theologica, written by Thomas Aquinas in the second half of the 13th century, is a series of common questions about Christianity to which he wrote his reply to each.

All of the plugins below have been updated in 2011.
Simple FAQ
WordPress › Simple FAQ « WordPress Plugins
Simple FAQ gives you ability to create very simple FAQ on your site (questions and answers)
WordPress › TF FAQ « WordPress Plugins
Search, Ask, Read and Answer questions from your users and get notified by email when a new question is asked.
 Q and A – FAQ
WordPress › Q and A – FAQ Plugin « WordPress Plugins
Create, categorize, and reorder FAQs and insert them into a page with a shortcode.

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Facebook Profiles vs. Fan Pages

This is a question that comes up often so I thought I would share a link to this post from Social Media Today that gives a good rundown on why business (and organizations) should have a Fan Page.  I like this post because author addresses why “Friend Requests” aren’t a good strategy for businesses and organizations.

This is a good summary, and social media Today post offers other reasons why you should have a Fan Page instead of a profile for your business.

Secondly, you should WANT people to “Like” your business page without you having to spend your valuable time administrating that aspect of your Facebook page.  Do you really want to spend an hour of your time filtering through “Friend Requests”, sifting through personal messages and notifications, removing  ”Bejeweled Blitz” score posts and other unnecessary garbage on your wall?  Wouldn’t you rather spend 30 minutes of your time posting valuable information to your audience about special deals, what’s coming down the pike, and engaging your audience in a meaningful way?

Read the entire post - Social Media Today: Your Facebook “Friend Requests”: Bad for Business… Annoying to Me!